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Delta 4 Interactive


Delta 4 as it was colloquially known started out in the bedroom of Fergus McNeill where he self published text adventures and advertised in the classified ads. He gathered around him like minded people that worked with him on the game that would bring the company into the spotlight, a parody of the contemporary ZX Spectrum adventure scene, Quest for the Holy Joystick. It was followed by more satirical spoofs, such as Bored of the Rings and The Boggit: Bored Too which further cemented their status in the UK text adventure scene. Their success resulted in them being contracted to release the first computer game based in the highly successful Discworld by Terry Pratchett, The Colour of Magic. The company released pure text adventure games, until the wane of the text adventure caused it to shift gears. Its name was changed to 'Delta 4 Interactive' with the focus to release interactive multimedia games.

Also Known As

  • Delta 4 Software (from 1984 to 1987)


Psycho Killer(1992)
Town With No Name(1992)
Big Sleaze, The(1987)
Murder off Miami(1986)
Colour of Magic, The(1986)
Boggit: Bored Too, The(1986)
Robin of Sherlock(1985)
Bored of the Rings(1985)
Quest for the Holy Joystick(1984)
Dragonstar Trilogy Part I, The(1984)
Dragonstar Trilogy Part II, The(1984)
Dragonstar Trilogy Part III, The(1984)


The former company website was http://www.delta4.icom43.net/

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