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Dexterity Software


Our basic philosophy is simply this:

We've fallen in love with our players.

Here's our story so far....

Dexterity Software was founded in 1994 and is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. We started as a traditional retail game developer, but we eventually realized that the publishers we worked with had goals that weren't compatible with ours. We didn't want to be just another developer rushing bug-filled games onto the shelves in time for Christmas, games that were mostly clones and remakes of the previous year's releases. We dreamed of building a company which fell in love with its players, not its sales.

So in 1999, we stopped working with retail publishers. We restructured Dexterity to focus on selling our games direct over the internet. This gave us the control to make games the way they should be made. We released Dweep, and it was loved by the press and players alike. We later put out two Dweep expansion packs and then bundled them with even more levels and a level editor to create Dweep Gold, which has been a huge hit with our players.

We committed ourselves to offering an unprecendented level of service, which includes our Quintuple Guarantee. So if you buy a game from us and you don't like it for any reason, you don't have to pay for it. We only get paid if you think we deserve it.

In 2001, we decided we wanted to offer even more games to our players than we could develop ourselves. So we began looking for other creative games we could introduce to our players. Fitznik became our first game released as a publisher. This means we can bring much more fun to our players and at the same time help out independent game developers who share our commitment to making games fun.

We know that playing games can be a very special part of your life. Games can help you relieve stress and put a smile on your face. A fun game can be your reward at the end of a hard day of work or school. Games can bring families together and help parents and grandparents bond with their children and grandchildren. They can cheer you up when you're feeling down. They can give you the escape you need to maintain your sanity when you're going through hard times. They can help you make new friends. We know this because our players have told us these are some of the benefits they get from playing our games. So we know that when we release a new game, it really does make a positive difference in the world. We know our games add real value to our players' lives. And this knowledge is what really fills us with passion to do our best every day.

Our commitment to our players is very special to us. Because of you we are able to fulfill our own dreams. You provide an outlet for creative people to express their best talents. Your purchases help feed our families, educate our children, and most of all, you continually challenge us to grow.

Source: Selected articles from Dexterity Software Official Company Website - About Dexterity


Once Twice Thrice!(2002)
Dweep Gold(2000)
Dweep Expansion Pack 2(2000)
Dweep: Expansion Pack 1(1999)
BrainWave 2(1997)


Address and Contact Details (1997)

Dexterity Software
P.O. Box 114
El Segundo California

TEL: (310) 640-9000
FAX: (310) 640-9031
Internet Email: [email protected]
CompuServe: 103067,3532

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