EA Pacific


Burst was a development division of Virgin Interactive Entertainment based in Irvine, California and managed by Neil Young, Vice President of internal product development at VIE, and Christopher Yates, Vice President of technology and operations at VIE.

On 17 August 1998, Electronic Arts bought the studio alongside Westwood Studios for $122.5 million, after Virgin Interactive struggled with financial difficulties. It was subsequently renamed to Westwood Pacific.

After developing Nox, Westwood co-founder Brett Sperry approached the studio to develop Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, himself supervising design. Following successful sales and reception, and after developing the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack, Westwood Pacific focused on Command & Conquer: Generals, which would bring the RTS series to a 3D engine.

By mid-2002, the company was rebranded as Electronic Arts Pacific. Shortly after releasing Generals, the company merged with Electronic Arts Los Angeles alongside remaining Westwood assets and willing staff after the latter's closure, in order to consolidate resources. Within the company, this team was occasionally referred to as the "RTS team" to differentiate from existing EALA staff who worked on titles like the Medal of Honor series.

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