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Mind Control Software was founded in 1994 by Andrew Leker as a vehicle for realizing the interactive version of Skyrealms of Jorune, a cult classic tabletop role-playing game Andrew developed while a student at the University of California at Berkeley. Alien Logic (a PC role playing adventure game) was released through SSI, and won E3's PC Role Playing Game of the Year. After that auspicious beginning, Mind Control developed Silencer, a side-scrolling multi-player online game that attracted a rabid and loyal fan base. Close on its heels followed Resurrection, a strategic combat game, which won an Independent Games Festival (IGF) award in 1999 for Best Game Design.

Since then, Mind Control has been hired to solve a variety of tough design and technology challenges regarding game applications and server side infrastructure for several large mobile game publishers including Digital Chocolate and Nokia. Visual Concepts, SEGA's first party development team, hired Mind Control Software to build the multiplayer and matchmaking server infrastructure for SEGA's AAA sports franchises. Mind Control Software also developed key download technologies for Disney Interactive.

In 2003, Marc LeBlanc, a designer and technologist who had been instrumental in developing the engine technology for genre-standards Thief and System Shock, joined Mind Control Software in order to take one of Andrew's prototypes, a PC strategy game called Oasis, and bring it to market. The following year, Mind Control Software won again at the IGF in the Web/Downloadable category, winning two awards for Oasis, including Innovation in Game Design and the prestigious Seumas McNally award for Independent Game of the Year.

Their casual games have been published by the world's leading casual games publishers including EA/Pogo, Digital Chocolate, Nokia, Vivendi Universal, and PlayFirst. Key members of the team also designed Ooga Booga, a best-of-class multiplayer title for the Dreamcast console. Mind Control Software is a licensed PSP, DS, Wii, and PS3 developer, and is currently engaged in projects for several game publishers different markets including PC, Mass-Market Ultra-Casual, Massive Multiplayer Online, Console, Handheld, and Mobile platforms.

Recent work includes contributions to the PSP title Field Commander (2006) and their own game Arrrrrr! (2007).

Sometime after 2013 Mind Control Software closed its doors forever, Both Electrified Games Inc and Mind Control Software's sites have been taken down. The last mention of it being open was on a glass door review of the company in 2013. There are no known alternative sites to pick up their collection of work sadly.

Also Known As

  • Mind Control Software, Inc. (from Jan, 2007 to May, 2010)
  • Mind Control Software, LLC (from 1994 to Jan, 2007)


Pokémon Trading Card Game Online(2011)
Universe at War: Earth Assault(2007)
Jojo's Fashion Show(2007)
Dimension M: Evolver(2007)
Field Commander(2006)
Solitaire Adventures(2006)


Company information (2009):

Mind Control Software, Inc.
950 Northgate Drive
Suite 200
San Rafael, CA 94903 USA
Phone: 415.491.1544
Fax: 415.532.3292

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