Factor 5, Inc.


Factor 5, Inc., until some date in 2008 known as Factor 5, LLC, was the US-based studio of the German company Factor 5 GmbH.

It was established in 1994 when a large part of the team relocated to San Rafael in California. Even though most of the development was done from that studio, Factor 5 GmbH continued to exist and even survived the US studio.

In March 2008 the studio signed a game development deal with Brash Entertainment LLC to work on a title to be released in 2010. In November 2008 Brash Entertainment closed down, which affected Factor 5, Inc. leading to the closure of the studio in May 2009. Owner Julian Eggebrecht went on to found the social game development studio TouchFactor with a number of his other ex-staff.

Also Known As

  • Factor 5, LLC (from 1994 to 2008)


Mega Turrican(2008)
Super Turrican(2008)


Company location & contact info (2008):

Factor 5, Inc.
101 Lucas Valley Road
San Rafael, California 94903
Company phone: (415) 492-5900
Company Fax: (415) 492-5901

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