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Farsight Studios is an experienced developer of world class video games on many different platforms. We've been in business since 1988, producing products like Pinball Hall Of Fame for Crave, ESPN NFL Primetime 2002 for Konami, and NASCAR road racing for Electronic Arts. We also developed the NCAA '98 and '99 series for EA Sports, which won the Editor's Choice Award from PC Gamer magazine and was honored as runner-up Sports Game of the Year at the 1999 Game Developers Conference. PlayTV Madden Football is nominated for Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year for 2004. Our football games alone have sold over 2 million units worldwide.

Our offices are located in beautiful Big Bear Lake, CA, an alpine lake and all-season resort community located at 7,200 feet elevation in the San Bernardino mountain range northeast of Los Angeles. Big Bear offers hiking, fishing, water-skiing, and mountain biking in the summer, as well as three local ski resorts in the winter.


Party Arcade(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Stern Pack 3(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Gottlieb Pack 1(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Gottlieb Pack 2(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Gottlieb Pack 3(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Doctor Who Master of Time(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Alvin G. and Co. Pack(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Stern Pack 2(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Stern Pack 1(2018)
Pinball Arcade: Gottlieb EM Pack(2018)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Ghostbusters Premium(2017)
Pinball Arcade: Season Seven Pro Pack(2017)
Pinball Arcade: Season Seven Table Pack(2017)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Mustang(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: High Roller Casino(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Phantom of the Opera(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Last Action Hero(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Harley Davidson(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: AC/DC(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Starship Troopers(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Star Trek(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Bundle Pack 2(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Bundle Pack 1(2016)
Stern Pinball Arcade: Ripley's Believe It or Not!(2016)
Pinball Arcade: Season Six Pack(2016)
Pinball Arcade: Season Six Pro Pack(2016)
Pinball Arcade: Season Five Pro Pack(2015)
Pinball Arcade: Season Five Pack(2015)
Pinball Arcade: Season Four Pack(2014)
Pinball Arcade: Season Four Pro Pack(2014)
Pinball Arcade: Season Three Pack(2013)
Pinball Arcade: Season Three Pro Pack(2013)
Pinball Arcade: Season Two Pro Pack(2013)
Pinball Arcade: Season One Pro Pack(2013)
Pinball Arcade: Season Two Pass(2013)
Pinball Arcade: Season One Pro Bundle(2013)
Pinball Arcade Season One Bundle(2013)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 10: Attack from Mars and Genie(2013)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 9: Star Trek - The Next Generation(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 8: Twilight Zone(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 7: Scared Stiff and Big Shot(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 6: Elvira and the Party Monsters and No Good Gofers(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 5: Harley-Davidson Third Edition and Taxi(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 4: Creature from the Black Lagoon and Black Knight(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 3: Gorgar and Monster Bash(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 2: Cirqus Voltaire and FunHouse(2012)
Pinball Arcade Table Pack 1: Medieval Madness and The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot(2012)
Pinball Arcade, The(2012)

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FarSight Studios
611 Spruce Rd.
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

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FarSight Studios
P.O. Box 260
Fawnskin, CA 92333-0260

Main: 909-866-0500
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