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Fishing Cactus SA


Fishing Cactus is a Belgian development studio established by Bruno Urbain and Julien Hamaide in September 2008, following the bankruptcy of 10Tacle Studios Belgium. It is based in Mons (Namen). The studio focuses on games for iOS, Android, XBLA, Wiiware, PSN, Windows, and Macintosh, and is also active with Kinect and 3D cameras technologies. Urbain and Hamaide already toyed with the idea of their own studio prior to 10Tacle's demise, as they were looking for a way to develop their Blobbies Wars concept as an XBLA game.

The company has ported a large of number of existing games to mobile and handheld platforms, such as minim (2009 - iPhone/iPad), Equilibrio (2009 - iPhone), Shaun White Snowboarding: Origins (2009 - iPhone), Gridz (2010 - Bada), Starshine (2010 - iPhone), Swappin' (2012 - iPhone/iPad) and After Burner: Climax (2013 - iPhone/iPad/Android). The games minim, Grids, Swappin' and Starshine were previously available for free as browser-based Flash games.

The company has also worked on porting multiple titles in the Armor Games flash-based Shift series, such as the original Shift (2009 - iPhone | 2011 - Android), Shift 2 (2010 - iPhone/Windows Phone | 2011 - Macintosh), and the re-worked Shift Extended (2011 - PS3/PSP mini). The team also created the game Shifting World (2012), an entirely new entry in the series, for the Nintendo 3DS.

They also made Powerball (2011 - iPhone/iPad), mostly likely based on a 2008 title by Nas-Games and based on the licensed NSD Powerball brand. In 2011 Fishing Cactus adapted the Adictiz Facebook game Woof the Dog for iPhone and Android. They also reworked the iPhone game Trenches to WiiWare and iPad as Trenches Generals (2011).

Original titles by Fishing Cactus are Mikks (2009 - iPhone), Péchés Mignons (2009 - iPhone), Dimension (2010 - Bada), RollOut (2010 - iPhone, together with Artik Entertainment), OXO: Tic Tac Toe Extreme (2011 - Android/iPhone), and Subway (2011 - Android). Fishing Cactus also worked together with Tokkun Studio on Slash Monsters (2013 - iPhone/iPad).

Examples of projects for Microsoft's Kinect peripheral and serious games in general include the medical game R.O.G.E.R, the programming game Algo-Bot (together with Technobel), Skolkovo, Expli-city, Innovation Union Lab, The Road to EU (3 mini-games), Game to Cure, Mundaneum (Renaissance 2.0), Festival Via and additional development on the launch title Fighters Uncaged. In March 2013 the company opened a separate section on its site for serious games, advergames and gamification of projects.

Titles currently in development are the tactical party game Blobbies Wars (Windows / XBLA - but also listed as in development at the Belgian studio Bull Sheep Studios - also by Bruno Urbain), Eyeball Invaders (Windows / WiiWare), Pirations: Quest for the Pelican Tooth, and Thormäe (browser - together with White Laser Games). On 18th May 2011 the studio announced to be working on a new entry in the long-running Creatures series. Creatures 4 will be released for Windows, Macintosh and iOS.

The company created its own multiplatform engine called Mojito. It allows them to quickly port games between platforms, such as an XBLA game to PSN.

Also Known As

  • Fishing Cactus SPRL (from Nov 18, 2009 to Dec 29, 2011)
  • Fishing Cactus SNC (from Jul 01, 2008 to Nov 18, 2009)


Ary and the Secret of Seasons(2020)
Nanotale: Typing Chronicles(2019)
Urbance Clans Card Battle!(2018)
Shift: Quantum(2018)
Algo Bot(2018)
Monkeys Ahoy!(2017)
Epistory: Typing Chronicles(2016)
Survivor: Heroes(2014)
After Burner: Climax(2013)
Slash Monsters(2012)
Shifting World(2012)
Trenches: Generals(2011)
Woof the Dog(2011)
Shift: Extended(2011)
OXO: Tic Tac Toe Extreme(2011)
Shift 2(2010)
Fighters Uncaged(2010)


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