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Flagship Studios


Foundation and development
Flagship Studios was a short-lived US development studio that released one game, the MMORPG Hellgate: London. The company was founded in 2003 by a number of former Blizzard North employees such as Bill Roper, Max Schaefer, Phil Shenk, Dave Brevik and Erich Schaefer.

It soon expanded with the establishment of Ping0, LLC, a joint-venture between the company and the Korean company HanbitSoft. In December 2006 a secondary development studio was opened: Flagship Seattle.

When the game was released in October 2007, it had a rocky launch mostly because of the scope of the title. The company was working on a second title, Mythos, when it was announced the studio would close down on 12th July 2008.

Despite the announcement that the company also lost its IP, that secured lender Comerica received Hellgate: London as collateral on the loan, while Mythos went to HanbitSoft, CEO Bill Roper confirmed that the company owns the rights to all its technology and IP, and that the core management and founding team members are still with the studio.

In August 2008 T3 Entertainment claimed control of the IP of both games as they had acquired a controlling stake in HanbitSoft earlier that year. They announced to continue development on both games and established a new studio in San Francisco to continue development on Mythos.

In August 2008 it was announced the company Runic Games had been founded, consisting of the team working on Mythos, to start development on a new MMOG.

In October 2008 co-founder Dave Brevik and Jeff Lind joined Turbine, Inc. when the company opened a new studio in Redwood City, CA (USA).

Co-founder Bill Roper joined Cryptic Studios in November 2008 as Design Director.

Co-founder Phil Shenk announced the development studio Gravity Bear in December 2008 and took along senior software engineer Kevin Klemmick.


Hellgate: London(2018)
Hellgate: London(2007)


Company location and contact information (Feb. 2008):

221 King Street, Ste. 224
San Francisco, California 94107
Company phone: 415-489-1445

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