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atari missile command

Funbox Media Ltd.


Funbox Media is a UK game publishing company. It was established by former employees of zushi games ltd. after the company went into administration on 18th March 2010 and they picked up many of zushi's titles.


Plane Crazy(2022)
Off-Road Redneck Racing(2021)
Hentai vs Evil: Back 4 Waifus(2021)
World Quiz(2021)
Gas Guzzlers Extreme(2021)
Dark Thrones(2021)
Witch Hunter(2021)
Eurofighter Typhoon(2021)
Road Fury(2021)
Santa's Xmas Adventure(2020)
Terra Bomber(2020)
6 Games in 1: Hidden Object Collection for Nintendo Switch(2020)
Farm Expert 2019 for Nintendo Switch(2020)
Premier Manager: 2002/2003 Season(2020)
Premier Manager 2003-04(2020)
Premier Manager 2004-2005(2020)
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising(2020)
Premier Manager 2005-2006(2020)
Premier Manager 2006-2007(2020)
Mars Odyssey(2020)
Premier Manager 08(2020)
Premier Manager 09(2020)
Sub Command: Akula Seawolf 688(I)(2020)
Jane's Combat Simulations: Fleet Command(2020)
Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi(2020)
Midnight GT: Primary Racer(2020)
Mobile Forces(2020)
Margot's Word Brain(2020)
Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare(2020)
Gun Metal(2020)
Desert Thunder(2020)
Dangerous Waters(2020)
Jane's Combat Simulations: 688(I) Hunter/Killer(2020)
Alien Disco Safari(2020)
Special Forces: Nemesis Strike(2020)
Premier Manager 10(2020)
Terra Lander II: Rockslide Rescue(2020)
Junior League Sports(2019)
Junior League Sports: Soccer(2019)
Junior League Sports: Ice Hockey(2019)
Junior League Sports: Basketball(2019)
Super Street: Racer(2019)
Everspace (Stellar Edition)(2019)
Animated Jigsaws Collection(2019)
Horizon Shift '81(2018)
Chicken Range(2018)

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Contact Information (2011):

Funbox Media Ltd
Office 7, The Cube
1-10 Brittain Street
S1 4RJ, UK

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