Gamestar, Inc.


A short-lived branch of the Activision/Mediagenic tree that specialized in sports games.


Pete Rose Pennant Fever(1988)
Take Down(1988)
Top Fuel Eliminator(1987)
Championship Golf: The Great Courses of the World - Volume One: Pebble Beach(1986)
GBA Championship Basketball: Two-on-Two(1986)
GFL Championship Football(1986)
Championship Baseball(1986)
Star Rank Boxing(1985)
On-Field Football(1984)
On-Court Tennis(1984)
Baja Buggies(1982)


Gamestar was originally an independent company acquired by Activision just prior to their name change to Mediagenic. Gamestar was founded by Scott Orr who later joined Electronic Arts and created Madden Football.

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