Haemimont Games AD

Historical Events


    • Procom was established by a group of telecommunications professionals who built the first digital systems for voice and data transmission in Bulgaria.


    • Procom's founders launched Smartcom with the objective of providing commercial and engineering services in the field of advanced telecommunications.


    • Haemimont was founded as a result of an agreement with Learn Technologies Interactive, Inc., a New York City educational technology design company.

    Jul, 1996:

    • Smartcom merged with Procom, leaving Smartcom as the surviving company.


    • Intermedia was founded as a department of Haemimont for producing computer graphics and data entry.

    Jan, 1999:

    • Haemimont and Smartcom merged into Haemimont - Smartcom.

    Jan, 2000:

    • Haemimont launched its first independent product - "Tzar - the Burden of the Crown", a real time strategy computer game. Tzar was the first Bulgarian-developed computer game.
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