Hammer Technologies


Hammer Technologies grouped part of the members of Digital Dreams Multimedia and NoriaWorks Entertainment. The biggest publication of Hammer was undoubtedly the DIV Games Studio, a programming environment for creating video games. The release of this product, which occurred during 1998, was a resounding sales success and attracted a good number of users wanting to create games but that did not have the knowledge needed to use more general languages like, for example, C or C++.

Other notable titles were Snow Wave: Avalanche, Tie Break Tenis 98 and Tokenkai.

Since 1999, Hammer began to change its development policy toward more complex productions and, of course, with a longer production period. The first example of this new style was embodied in a project which never saw the light, Neon Angel, a futuristic 3D video adventure with promising looks. But it was cancelled due to the demise of the company.


Castle of Dr. Malvado, The(2001)
Jagdverband 44: Screaming Eagles(2000)
Extreme Wintersports(1999)
Extreme Watersports(1999)
Mr. Tiny Adventures(1999)
Tie Break Tenis 98'(1998)
Snow Wave: Avalanche(1998)
World Wide Rally(1997)


Company location and contact information (1999):

Hammer Technologies
C/ Alfonso Gomez, 42 Nave 1-1-2
28037 Madrid (SPAIN)
Tel.: + 34 91 304 06 22
Fax: + 34 91 304 17 97
Former website: http://www.hammert.com

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