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Hungry Software


Hungry Software started life in around 1995, with the far-from-completion of a Commodore Amiga game called Beans. Tim Furnish, the "Head Of All Sorts Of Goings-On" of the Hungry Software empire (and, incidentally, me) was at the time studying for his A-levels. He's now 23 and has, for the first time ever, actually finished a game.

Yes. I am Hungry Software. Surprise! Well, probably not.

So far, all of Hungry Software's games and tools have been written in my spare time, which may go some way towards explaining the hideously slow rate at which everything seems to be (and, for that matter, actually is) started, completed and released.

Thankfully I do have, in a manner not dissimilar to Bert Raccoon, some good friends to help me out. Recently self-appointed project manager Rachel Benn could almost be called a part of the company... but isn't, because that would mean paying her.

In my non-spare time I teach and design web pages. I hope, in the near future, to stop doing this so much and to earn more in the process. Unfortunately, that's not how things work, so all things considered it's highly unlikely.


Out of Order(2003)
Xmas Ducks 2000(2000)


The company website was formerly located at www.hungrysoftware.com

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