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id Software, Inc.

Historical Events

    Feb 01, 1991:

    • Company founded in Shreveport, Louisiana.

    Sep, 1991:

    • The company moves from Shreveport, Louisiana to Madison, Wisconsin.


    • In the fall of 1992, id ends the agreement with publisher Apogee.
    • When the id guys show Sierra On-Line, Inc. a test version of Wolfenstein 3D, Sierra offers them $2,500,000 - but the deal is over when id asks for a $100,000 advance.

    Apr 01, 1992:

    • The company moves from Madison, Wisconsin to Mesquite, Dallas, Texas.


    • In the summer of 1993, one of the company's founders, Tom Hall, is fired over differences in creative vision. He moves on to the company's former publisher Apogee.

    Aug 08, 1996:

    • Co-founder/co-owner John Romero announces his departure from id (going on to found Ion Storm later in the year).


    • In the September 2005 court case against the company, it is revealed that Activision contemplated a $105 million takeover bid and an additional $90 million for the rights to all the bestselling franchises.

    Jan 06, 2004:

    Sep, 2005:

    • Earlier in 2005, it was announced that co-founder Adrian Carmack had left the company to pursue other interests, but in September he took his former business partners to court, claiming he had been fired after refusing a buyout offer of $20 million of his 41% stake in the company. Under the terms of a contract he is now seeking have declared void, Carmack will now have to sell his shares back to id for $11 million. Carmack claims that because he turned down a takeover bid from Activision, the other board members forced him out of the company and now want to reacquire the shares at a price estimated much lower than the true value.

    Nov 15, 2007:

    Jun 24, 2009:

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