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Ikarion Software GmbH


In the early 1990s Kingsoft GmbH (Located in Aachen, Germany's most western city) was well known as a budget game developer and publisher and delivered major stores like Toys'R'Us and Vobis in Germany. In 1993 Kingsoft's owner Fritz Schäfer had the idea to start a new full price range for PC and Amiga systems and therefore he founded Ikarion Software GmbH.

Throughout the first years the company focussed on business simulations, later they started to develop strategy games and Gameboy Advance Puzzle Games.

1998 Fritz Schäfer resigned his involvments with Ikarion and handed over the company to Norbert Beckers, Franz Stradal and Marc Oberhäuser. In 1999 the German publisher DTP Neue Medien GmbH bought stakes of Ikarion and financed several projects.

In August 2001 DTP went into finacial troubles and couldn't finance Ikarion anymore and during tthe administration time Ikarion was not able to sign a final deal for the upcoming RPG "Das Schwarze Auge - Armalion" (Eidos, Jowood and Ubisoft were interested), in December 2001 Ikarion shut down.

The core team still worked on the game and in May 2002 Franz Stradal managed to sign a deal with the German company Ascaron Entertainment GmbH. The team became Studio II Software GmbH (also located in Aachen, Germany) and reworked "Armalion" to the successful "Sacred" which was released worldwide in 2004.

By now "Sacred" has sold 1.7 million copies and Studio II Software GmbH is currently working in "Sacred - Fallen Angel" which will hit the shelfs in 2007.


Demonworld: Dark Armies(2002)
Das Milliarden-Quiz(2001)
Grand Ouvert(2000)
Hattrick! Wins(1999)
Bonn Ouvert(1998)
Project Paradise(1997)
Pinball Wizard 2000(1996)
Mad News: Erweiterte CD-ROM Edition(1995)
Caribbean Disaster(1995)
Mad News(1994)
Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky(1994)


Company location and contact information (circa 2001):

Ikarion Software GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 18-20
52064 Aachen
Telephone: +49 241 47 01 50
Fax: +49 241 47 01 525
eMail: [email protected]

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