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Illusion Software was founded in Yokohama, Japan. The company specializes in developing adult hentai video games. Unlike other hentai games, many of the games developed by Illusion Software feature 3D models (instead of pre-rendered images), 3D animations, and precise customization and interaction possibilities.


Koikatsu Party VR(2019)
Koikatsu Party(2019)
VR Kanojo(2018)
Premium Play Darkness(2013)
Jinkō Gakuen(2011)
Real Kanojo(2010)
Yūsha kara wa Nigerarenai!(2009)
Jinkō Shōjo 3(2008)
Sexy Beach 3(2006)
Oppai Slider 2(2005)
Battle Raper II: The Game(2005)
Sexy Raper(2005)
Jinkō Shōjo 2(2004)
A-GA: Gekidō no Wakusei(2004)
Biko 3(2004)
Sexy Beach 2(2003)
Des Blood 4: Lost Alone(2002)
Battle Raper(2002)
Interact Play VR(2001)
Requiem Hurts: Kankin(2001)
Des Blood Racing(2001)
Interact Play(2000)
Brutish Mine(2000)
Dancing Cat's(2000)
Des Blood 3(2000)
Biko 2(2000)
Des Blood 2(1998)
Des Blood(1997)
Ura Mansion Hakkin(1996)
Mokkoriman Series: Rankō Nyotai Tsuri - Mokkoriman no Nani de Nushi Tsuri(1995)
Ai no Omochashi: Space Gigolo - Red Cobra(1995)
Kitōshima Joshi Keimusho(1994)
Mokkoriman RPG(1994)
Sei Senshi Mokkoriman(1993)
Angel Army(1993)


Many games released by Illusion have the number "2" beside the title: Oppai Slider 2, RapeLay 2, and Biko 2 are such examples. However, these games are the first of its kind and not sequels.

Illusion will release a demo version of each game for the public to test; this is what they call version 1.0. Besides creating interest for the final finished product the other reason for doing so is to receive feedback from fans as to what they like and don't like about the game. This will shape the for-sale version that will be called 2.0 so fans know it is the finished version. That means that Sexy Beach 3 is in fact the second of the series.

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