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IncaGold plc


IncaGold was founded as IncaGold Ltd. in 1996 and dealt with world-wide publishing of mass-market, impulse-purchase priced software in 75 countries.

The company's founder, Richard M. Holmes, moved its headquarters to the Isle of Man (near the UK) in 2003. In 2004 IncaGold entered the public entertainment systems and rapidly growing on-line markets, also purchasing IncaGold GmbH. The company name was later changed to IncaGold plc, although in June 2005 the name IncaGold Ltd. was still being used. In June 2005, the company reported to have 1,000 games in its catalog and that they were developing their "CAGE" (Casual Games Engine) to be used in developing PC games for 2006 release.

Companies acquired in 2005 included Asylum Games and GP Mob Limited which were both integrated into the company.

In February 2007 the company restructured its business in order to reduce overheads. The company announced that it was then "focused solely on licensing its extensive software catalogue of PC and mobile titles to third parties." A number of the assets and activities of the company were transferred to the Swiss subsidiary, IncaGold GmbH. Then on December 21, 2007, IncaGold plc was acquired by Fox Capital Limited and became its subsidiary. By May of 2008 the company continued to have financial troubles and borrowed funds from Fox Capital for working capital.

In December 2009, founder Richard M. Holmes resigned and purchased IncaGold GmbH from IncaGold plc. As reported in the financial news: "From the date that the sale is completed, the Company will have divested itself of substantially all of its trading business and will therefore be treated as an investing company under the AIM Rules."

In November 2010 the company website (incagoldplc.com) was discontinued when the domain registration expired.

Also Known As

  • IncaGold Ltd. (from 1996 to Dec, 2004)


Car Jacker 2(2009)
Mini Golf: Dream Courses(2008)
Rat Attack!(2007)
Roller Coaster Mania(2007)
Thoroughbred Tycoon(2006)
Tactical Manager 2006(2006)
Road to Fame(2006)
CarJacker: Hotwired and Gone!(2006)
Meteor Blade(2006)
Dark Vampires: The Shadows of Dust(2006)
Dracula: The Days of Gore(2006)
BallPark 3DX(2006)
Ardennes Offensive(2006)
GP Championship 2(2006)
99 Classic Arcade(2006)
Global War on Terror: Death Strike(2005)
Chain Of Command: Eastern Front(2005)
War Chess(2005)
Army Racer(2005)
Chain of Command(2005)
Iron Aces: Heroes of WWII(2005)
Friday Night 3D Bowling(2005)
Polskie Derby(2004)
Spin Off(2004)
Autobahn Total(2002)
Paintball Heroes(2002)
Tactical Manager 2(2000)
Jungle Legend(1999)
Midnight Racing(1999)


Company location (2010):

IncaGold plc
Lorne House,
Castletown, NIR IM9 1AZ
United Kingdom
Former website: www.incagoldplc.com

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