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Independent Arts Software GmbH


Independent Arts Software GmbH is one of the German studios with a long history and has been developing commercial gaming software since 1990.

Since then, more than 70 titles for different platform have been produced. At the moment, the company focuses on the production of games for Nintendo Wii and the hand-held system Nintendo DS. Apart from the development for Nintendo hand-helds, Independent Arts Software GmbH is a registered developer for Sony PlayStation Portable.

When the first game was introduced to the market in 1990, Independent Arts Software GmbH consisted of five friends who had been neighbors for some time. Each of them took over responsibility for a different aspect in the development of this first product. In 2009, the number of employees has increased to 40.


Ooops! 2(2021)
Crazy Chicken: Wanted(2021)
Port Royale 4(2021)
Eldrador Creatures(2020)
Tropico 6: Nintendo Switch Edition(2020)
My Riding Stables 2: A New Adventure(2020)
Fishing: North Atlantic(2020)
BIG-Bobby-Car: The Big Race(2020)
Railway Empire: Nintendo Switch Edition(2020)
Bayala: The Game(2019)
Felix the Reaper(2019)
Bibi & Tina ... at the Horse Farm(2019)
Rail World(2018)
Bibi Blocksberg: Big Broom Race 3(2018)
My Riding Stables: Life with Horses(2018)
Fox n Forests(2018)
Horse Farm(2017)
Crazy Chicken Strikes Back(2015)
Horse Life 4(2015)
Die drei ??? Kids: Jagd auf das Phantom(2014)
My Life on a Farm 3D(2014)
Horse Vet 3D(2014)
Top Model 3D(2014)
Me & My Pets 3D(2014)
Me & My Furry Patients 3D(2014)
Bibi & Tina: Adventures with Horses(2014)
Winter Sports: Feel the Spirit(2013)
Life with Horses 3D(2013)
My Baby Pet Hotel 3D(2013)
Bibi Blocksberg: Das große Hexenbesen-Rennen 2(2013)
Benjamin Blümchen: Törööö im Zoo(2012)
I ♥ Geeks(2011)
Musiic Party: Rock the House(2011)
Der Fluch der Osterinsel(2010)
Paws & Claws: Regal Resort(2010)
th!nk: Logic Trainer(2009)
Galileo Mystery: The Crown of Midas(2009)
Oktoberfest: The Official Game(2009)
Guild DS, The(2009)
Quiz Taxi(2009)
Mein Gestüt: Ein Leben für die Pferde(2009)
Think Logik Trainer: Think Again(2008)
thinkSMART: Labyrinth(2008)
Woodleys Summer Sports, The(2008)
My Pet Hotel(2008)
Germany's Next Topmodel(2008)

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Location and contact information (June 2012):

Independent Arts Software GmbH
HAMTEC Haus 2b
Münsterstraße 5
59065 Hamm / Germany

Phone (+49) 2381 - 48 88 18
Facsimile (+49) 2381 - 97 24 59 6

E-mail: [email protected]

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