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Interactive Entertainment Ltd.


Interactive Entertainment Ltd. was founded in about 1993 and located in Greenwich, London, England. The company specialized in driving/racing simulations, especially motorcycle racing games.

Teque London Ltd. acquired the company (date unknown) and it became their publishing division.

In 1999 Midas Interactive Entertainment BV acquired Teque/Interactive Entertainment and it became a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Midas. At that time, Interactive Entertainment Ltd. was working on Super 1 Karting and had graphics ready for Silkolene Honda Motocross. Within the same press release Midas announced that it was in the process of setting up a new "Interactive Entertainment Development Studio" in Australia, although it is unknown whether that came to pass.

Additional responsibilities were given to the Interactive Entertainment branch. In 2001, it was responsible for ensuring the quality of all third party developments within the MiDAS targeted genre of Interactive Sports.


GP vs. Superbike(2008)
GP Championship 2(2006)
XS Moto(2003)
Castrol Honda VTR(2001)
GP Challenge(2001)
Family Games Compendium(2001)
Castrol Honda Superbike Racing(2000)
Kart Challenge(2000)
Super 1 Karting Simulation(2000)
Superbike Racing(2000)
Castrol Honda Superbike 2000(1999)
Castrol Honda Superbike World Champions(1998)
Firo & Klawd(1996)


Interactive Entertainment Ltd. former website: www.interactive-entertainment.co.uk

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