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InterActive Vision A/S


InterActive Vision A/S was a Danish company founded 1989 in Silkeborg by Sven Christensen.

In addition to the Danish headquarters, the company had at least five subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe:

The company went bankrupt in 2005 and was then acquired by the American company Avantgarde Technology Holding Inc.

Also Known As

  • Interactivision A/S (from 1989 to 1999) -- original company name


WWII: Battle Over Europe(2008)
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga(2006)
Blades of Thunder II(2006)
Top Gun(2006)
WWII: Tank Battles(2006)
Chain Of Command: Eastern Front(2005)
Mini RC Rally: The World's Smallest Car Championship(2005)
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne(2005)
Blades of Thunder(2005)
Garfield: The Search for Pooky(2004)
Iron Aces: Heroes of WWII(2004)
Apache Longbow Assault(2004)
Red Jets(2004)
Chain of Command(2004)
JetFighter V: Homeland Protector(2003)
Airport Tycoon 3(2003)
Dogfight: Battle for the Pacific(2003)
AH-64 Apache Air Assault(2003)
Search & Rescue: Vietnam Med Evac(2002)
Search & Rescue: Coastal Heroes(2002)
Airlines 2(2002)
Brainstorm: The Game Show(2002)
Worlds of Billy 2(2002)
Serious Sam(2001)
Search and Rescue 2(2000)
Beyond Pearl Harbor: Pacific Warriors(2000)
Road Wars(2000)
Medicopter 117: Jedes Leben zählt(1999)
Search and Rescue(1997)
Living Ball(1994)
Naughty Ones(1994)
Prime Mover(1993)
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone(1992)


Contact Address (1996):

Interactivision ApS.
Hovedgaardsvej 4
DK8600 Silkeborg

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