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Ion Storm, L.P.


Ion Storm was a game developer based in Texas, USA. It was founded on November 15, 1996 in Dallas by John Romero and Tom Hall, both former employees of id Software. In 1997 Warren Spector was asked to lead a company branch in Austin. Game development in the Dallas office was notoriously plagued by delays, internal conflicts, and controversial ad campaigns, all of which marked the release of Daikatana (2000).

The Austin office was more successful and went on to produce the critically acclaimed Deus Ex (2000). Romero and Hall left the company shortly after the production of Anachronox (2001). Spector remained with the Austin office until 2004, and left following the release of Thief: Deadly Shadows. The last company division in Austin was closed by Eidos Interactive in 2005 due to financial troubles.


Thief: Deadly Shadows(2004)
Deus Ex: Invisible War(2003)
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition(2001)
John Romero's Daikatana(2000)
Deus Ex(2000)
Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3(1998)


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