Isopod Labs, LLC.


Isopod Labs, LLC. is a game development company founded by Peter Morawiec and Adrian Stephens in January 2007. The company focuses on games and software via online downloads and traditional distribution channels, for console, PC, and handheld platforms. Some key members of the team previously worked at Luxoflux Corp.

The company's first release was Vigilante 8: Arcade in November 2008, an XBLA remake of the original title Vigilante 8 which many of the team members previously worked on.


Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine(2011)
Vigilante 8: Arcade(2008)


Isopod in the company's name is explained on the studio's website:

Isopoda are one of the most diverse orders of crustaceans, including the terrestrial Armadillidium Vulgare, also known as pill bug, sow bug, doodle bug, armadillo bug, or simply the roly-poly. These little bugs are quite resilient, protected by a shell-like exoskeleton. Characterized by their ability to roll into a ball, they are beloved by children and ostracized by adults.

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