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Kaos Studios


Kaos Studios was a game development studio founded as Trauma Studios by Frank DeLise. Established in 2003, it was based in the West Village of New York City. It made its name with the DesertCombat mod for Battlefield 1942. Impressed by their skills, the company was acquired by developer Digital Illusions CE AB in September 2004 to work on Battlefield 2. The studio was then dubbed DICE New York.

They created the feature set, introduced the Commander system and the artillery attacks for Battlefield 2. The next step was Battlefield 2142 but they never came to an agreement. DICE wanted the team to move to Sweden, Europe and they declined. The team was recruited by THQ in 2006 and completed Frontlines: Fuel of War under the name Kaos Studios. The names DesertCombat and Trauma Studios remained the property of DICE. Following the release of Frontlines Frank DeLise left the studio in 2008. David Schulman, who joined Kaos in 2006, became the new director and Dave Votypka, formerly design director under DeLise, became the studio's creative director.

In March 2011 the second game for THQ was released: Homefront, a modern-day first-person shooter. An estimated million copies were sold in the first ten days, but about 17 employees were let go at the end of the month, with about 70 remaining. On 13th June 2012 THQ confirmed it had closed the studio.

Also Known As

  • Trauma Studios (from 2003 to Jan, 2006)


Frontlines: Fuel of War(2008)
Battlefield 2(2005)


The company website was located at www.traumastudios.com and www.kaosstudios.com.

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