KOEI Co., Ltd.

Historical Events

    Jul 25, 1978:

    • KOEI established in Imafuku-cho, Ashikaga City, Japan.

    Dec, 1980:

    • The company starts selling computers and business software.

    Oct, 1981:

    • The company starts development and sales of entertainment software.

    Sep, 1983:

    • Company business is reorientated from sales of chemicals to full-time software development.

    Oct, 1984:

    • Headquarters moved to Hiyoshi-Honcho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Japan.

    Jan, 1988:

    • Established KOEI Corporation in California, U.S.A.

    Aug, 1989:

    • Established the "TIANJIN KOEI SOFTWARE CO., LTD." in Tianjin, China.

    Oct, 1989:

    • Established subsidiary company, KOEI MUSIC CO., LTD.

    Sep, 1991:

    • Established subsidiary, KOEI AD CO., LTD.

    Sep, 1992:

    • Established the BEIJING KOEI SOFTWARE CO., LTD. in Beijing, China.

    Jun, 1995:

    Dec, 1995:

    • Established venture capital firm, KOEI CAPITAL CO., LTD.

    Dec, 1997:

    Jan, 1998:

    • Established software distribution company, KOEI NET CO., LTD.

    Jan, 2000:

    • Established Koei Korea Corporation in Seoul, Korea.

    Sep, 2001:

    • Established KOEI CANADA Inc. in Toronto, Canada.

    Oct 25, 2005:

    • The formation of KOEI Canada, Inc. is announced, the headquarters for the company's North American product development.
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