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Atari Gravitar

LittleWing Co. Ltd.


LittleWing was founded in 1990 by Yoshikatsu Fujita (programming) and Reiko F. Nojima (graphics) in Toyama, Japan. Since 1991, they regularly released pinball simulation titles like the classic Tristan, Crystal Caliburn, a port of Eight Ball Deluxe for the Macintosh and other similar games. The company opened its on-line store in 1998, offering both Macintosh and Windows versions of most of their titles continuously updated to fix bugs, gameplay balance and to run on modern machines.


Fairy Tower(2007)
Monster Fair(2004)
Solid State Pinball: Jinni Zeala(2002)
Golden Logres(1999)
Flipper Crystal(1998)
Pinball Madness(1997)
Angel Egg(1996)
Loony Labyrinth(1995)
Crystal Caliburn(1994)
Eight Ball Deluxe(1993)
Solid State Pinball: Tristan(1991)


Postal Mail:
LittleWing Co.LTD.
P.O.Box 30
Toyama Minami
Toyama City
939-8691 JAPAN
FAX: +81-764-22-6107 (Dial 001-81-764-22-6107 from USA)

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