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Historical Events


    • LucasFilm Games formed as a research and development project.

    Jan, 1984:

    • LucasFilm Games officially announced as a developer and publisher of entertainment software.


    • LucasFilm Games introduces SCUMM’ (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), leading the change from parser-driven interfaces to the "point-and-click" interface for adventure games.


    • LucasFilm Games joins Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Group, THX Group, LucasArts Attractions, LucasArts Luminaire, Lucasfilm Learning Systems, and Lucasfilm Commercial Productions under the new company division, LucasArts Entertainment Company


    • LucasFilm Games creates its first Star Wars based video game, in a collaboration with JVC for the Nintendo Entertainment System


    • LucasFilm Games officially becomes LucasArts Entertainment Company, with ILM and Skywalker Sound forming Lucas Digital.


    • LucasArts launch their official website,


    • Development of Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II sees LucasArts partner with Activision and Raven Software (the first time LucasArts had shared development duties on a Star Wars console title since their very first with JVC).

    Jul 08, 2003:

    • LucasArts announces that it has stopped production on Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, the sequel to Full Throttle

    Mar 03, 2004:

    • The sequel to Sam & Max is canned; the sales department believes there isn't a market for adventure games in 2004.

    Jan 04, 2007:

    • The company cancels Traxion, a PSP music rhythm based game that would create levels on-the-fly from MP3s stored on your memory stick, developed by Kuju.

    Oct 30, 2012:

    Company history contributed by Patrick Bregger (246132), Kartanym (12761) and Sciere (612348)