Mastertronic Ltd.


The magazine Retro Gamer published an article on Mastertronic's history in its issue #1. With the input of Anthony Guter, who was employed by Mastertronic as Financial Controller between 1985 and 1990, they published the calculation of Mastertronic's budget games (£1.99):

Tape production - 22p/unit
Inlay cards - 3p/unit
Cover artwork - about £1000/game
Other distribution costs - 5p/unit
Development - the usual deal was an advance of £2000 plus royalties 10p/unit

Mastertronic sold their games for about 90p/unit to distributors (after the market became more competitive, 80p/unit) respectively £1.30 directly to retailers.

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Company Location (October 1984)

111 Park Road
United Kingdom

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