Maxis Software Inc.

Historical Events



    • Maxis struck a co-publishing agreement with Broderbund


    • The company moved from its Orinda, California, offices into the sixth floor of a corporate office-tower in Walnut Creek, California. In June, Maxis "went public" on the stock exchange.


    Jun, 1997:

    • Maxis was acquired by Electronic Arts in a US $125 million dollar stock transaction. The company is considered a "fully-owned subsidiary" of EA.
      EA appointed a 35-year-old French engineer named Luc Barthelet as General Manager of Maxis.

    Feb 27, 2004:

    • EA closes Maxis. Most of the jobs are moved to Redwood City.

    Mar 04, 2015:

    • EA Closes Maxis Emeryville.
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