Metro Games


Based in Melbourne, Australia, and established in about 1995, Metro Games was the game distribution and publishing division of the PlayCorp Pty, Ltd., a large supplier of sporting and gift products in Australia.

Sister companies of Metro Games were unrelated to the gaming industry and included Kidz Biz Toys, Prostar Sporting Goods, NCL Photo Albums, Giftrapt Gifts and The Great Southern Pie Company.

It appears Metro Games may have discontinued operating in about 2001.


Actua Tennis(1999)
Australian Cricket Captain(1999)
Riding Star(1998)
Meat Puppet(1997)
Monkey Island Madness(1997)
Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle Classic Adventures Pack(1997)
Dig, The(1996)
Star Wars: Dark Forces(1996)
Space Quest (Collector's Edition)(1995)
Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM)(1995)
Combat Air Patrol(1995)
Batman Forever(1995)
Prisoner of Ice(1995)
Award Winners: Platinum Edition(1995)
Ghoul Patrol(1994)
Sabre Team(1994)


Company addresses and contact information:

Metro Games is a division of Playcorp Pty. Ltd.
62-72 Mark Street, North Melbourne
Victoria Australia 3051.
Ph: +61.3.9329.2999 / Fax: +61.3.9329.2995
Email: [email protected]

(ca 1995): Metro Games
P.O. Box 255
North Melbourne Vic. 3051
Former website:

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