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MicroProse Software, Inc.

Historical Events




    • Released 2 arcade games: F-15 Strike Eagle a flight sim, and BOTTS, a giant-robot shooter. This eventually contributed to a cash crunch in the company and facilitated the takeover by Spectrum HoloByte.



    • "Wild" Bill Stealey departed from MicroProse, after a diagreement with company's direction under Spectrum HoloByte. Spectrum HoloByte agreed to buy out Stealey's share in MicroProse/SH.


    • Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds resigned from MicroProse. The two went on to found Firaxis with MicroProse alumni Jeff Briggs.

    Oct 01, 1997:

    • Spectrum HoloByte formally announced that it will change its name to MicroProse, thus taking over the other corporate identity. This also changes their stock ticker symbol to MPRS.

    Oct 05, 1997:

    • MicroProse announced merger with GT Interactive

    Dec 05, 1997:

    • GT Interactive has decided NOT to go ahead with the merge with MicroProse software, previously announced in October 1997. Rumors say GT found that MicroProse's financial situation is worse than anticipated, and GT's stocks have been on a slide since the announcement.

    Dec 07, 1997:

    • MicroProse bought Hartland Trefoil, owner of Civilization boardgame. This is significant in that Avalon-Hill, who was the American publisher of the Civilization boardgame, was suing MicroProse for copyright infringement. Activision was quick to license the name from Avalon-Hill and launched their own Civilization game. MicroProse however, was able to do a end-run by buying the original creator (as Avalon-Hill is just a licensee) and thus nullifying the lawsuit.

    Jan 22, 1998:

    • MicroProse launched a lawsuit against Activision and Avalon-Hill in order to secure their copyright of the game "Civilization". They had previously bought out Hartland Trefoil, copyright holder of the ORIGINAL Civilization boardgame (which is not related to the computer game except in scope). Avalon Hill was the publisher of the boardgame outside Europe, and Activision licensed the name from Avalon-Hill to introduce Civ-clones.

      Eventually the whole thing was settled out of court, and MicroProse technically won. Avalon-Hill promised not to "license" anybody, Activision get to publish one more game with their license, and MicroProse retains all other rights.

    Jun 30, 1998:

    • MicroProse closed MPS Texas (formerly known as SimTex) best known for developing Master of Orion and Master of Magic franchises for MicroProse.

    Jul 14, 1998:

    • MicroProse, Avalon-Hill, and Activision have settled the Civilization name issue out of court. MicroProse is the undisputed owner of the franchise (both computer and board games). Activision gets a license for "Civilization: Call to Power" and one add-on. Avalon-Hill relinquishes all rights to MicroProse.

    Aug 12, 1998:

    • Hasbro Interactive announced definite plans to buy out MicroProse, almost in financial ruins after merger with GT fell through and the lawsuit against Avalon-Hill and Activision ate up its cash reserves.

      The merger was completed a month later.

    Dec 07, 1999:

    • Chapel Hill Studio in North Carolina and Alameda Studios in California of MicroProse were closed by Hasbro Interactive.

    Dec, 2000:

    • Infogrammes announced definitive plans to buy out Hasbro Interactive, thus gaining control over MicroProse


    • MicroProse formally cease to exist as a label after Infogrames takes over Hasbro Interactive. Hasbro Interactive products have been relabelled Infogrames Interactive. One example was the "re-release" of European Air War.

    May, 2003:

    • Infogrames changed its corporate name to Atari Inc. Infogrames, after taking over Hasbro Interactive in 2001, is the copyright holder to most MicroProse intellectual property

    Nov 05, 2003:

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