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MicroProse Software, Inc.


Location and contact information in March 1995:

MicroProse Inc.
180 Lakefront Drive
Hunt Valley, MD 21030-2245
Tel: 410-771-0440

Contributed on Aug 28, 2006 by Jeanne (76482)

Originally, Microprose was the only developer with the licensing rights for Star Trek:Next Generation. Activision later purchased developing rights for all Star Trek properties from Paramount.

Contributed on Aug 13, 2005 by Scott Monster (1010)

One of their earlier slogans was

"The action is simulated. The excitement is real!"

Contributed on Apr 17, 2005 by Kasey Chang (4617)

MicroProse Software was supposedly founded on a bet between "Wild Bill" Stealey and Sid Meier.

The story goes that "Wild Bill", a real USAF pilot, was challenging all comers on this arcade game called Red Baron, a WW1 flight shooter. No one was able to beat Stealey's score, until this shorter mousy guy took up the challenge, and beat Stealey's score handily. When asked "How did you do that?" He pointed out that the AI always come in patterns, which he was able to take advantage of. And he was a programmer.

Stealey offered guy a deal: Stealey will put up the cash to found a new company, and Meier will be the head programmer. They will make simulations that are arms and shoulders above the rest, with realistic AI. The guy agreed.

The guy was Sid Meier, and the rest is history!

Contributed on Apr 17, 2005 by Kasey Chang (4617)