Microsoft Studios

Historical Events

    Dec 05, 2000:

    • The company acquires Digital Anvil and folds it into its internal Microsoft Game Studios system.

    Nov, 2001:

    • Microsoft release the X-Box, their first home entertainment console, along with 1st person shooter Halo.


    • Xbox Live, the official online system for the Xbox console, opens its doors.

    Jun, 2002:

    • Microsoft Game Studios label launched.

    Jan, 2004:

    Feb 12, 2004:

    • Microsoft cancels their fantasy MMORPG Mythica.

    Jun 03, 2004:

    • Microsoft cancels Level 5's upcoming cel-shaded MMORPG True Fantasy Live Online. Originally, this Live! game was developed to conquer the Japanese market.

    Feb 17, 2005:

    • The company announces to voluntarily replace the power cords on 14.1 million Xbox consoles worldwide to protect consumers and their consoles from a rare electrical component failure that can pose a fire hazard.

    Feb 24, 2005:

    Mar 02, 2005:

    Mar 09, 2005:

    • The company signs Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology for some of their future games.

    Nov 22, 2005:

    • The company launches the Xbox 360 console in North America.

    Dec 02, 2005:

    • The company launches the Xbox 360 console in Europe.

    Dec 10, 2005:

    • The company launches the Xbox 360 console in Japan.

    Mar 23, 2006:

    • The company launches the Xbox 360 console in Australia and New Zealand.

    Apr 06, 2006:

    May, 2007:

    • The company establishes a European publishing arm in Reading (UK), headed up by Phil Spencer.

    Jan 23, 2009:

    • The company confirms to close Aces Game Studio, its internal development studio responsible for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. At the time, the team was working on Microsoft Train Simulator 2.

    Jun, 2011:

    • Microsoft Game Studios re-branded as Microsoft Studios.
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