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N3V Games Pty Ltd.


N3V Games is a game development and publishing company based in Helensvale, Australia. The company was initially founded as n3vrf41l Publishing in 2005 by Graham Edelsten and Tony Hilliam and it was announced in May 2006. It was established by the directors of Auran Games Pty Ltd. as a separate company so Auran could focus entirely on game development. Graham Edelsten was also one of Auran's co-founders. Initially n3vrf41l focused on publishing and distributing games in Australia. The company published games by companies such as JoWooD Entertainment AG, Paradox Interactive AB and Monte Cristo Multimedia, but they also licensed titles from Auran such as the Trainz games and the eventually abandoned social project The Hive.

On 17th December 2007 Auran Games went into voluntary administration after the release of the MMO Fury and a majority of the staff was laid off, except for a small group to continue work on the Trainz series. Eventually Auran became a subsidiary of n3vrf41l. Around 2009 the name was changed to N3V Games and with the acquisition of the Trainz franchise the company started development activities, such as the creation of Trainz Simulator 12 and bringing the series to mobile devices. Publishing activities for third-party titles were scaled back.

In addition the studio started releasing games for mobile devices based on new franchises in 2011 with titles such as Dead on Arrival, Dojo Madness, Plankā€™d and Heist: The Score.

Also Known As

  • n3vrf41l Publishing (from 2005 to 2009)


Trainz 2019: Route: Kickstarter County(2019)
Trainz 2019: Route: Healesville 1910's(2019)
Trainz 2019: Route: ECML Kings Cross - Edinburgh 1976(2019)
Trainz 2019: Route: C&O Hinton Division(2019)
Trainz 2019: DIC-Reefer (Mechanical Refrigerator)(2019)
Trainz: ETR 1000 - Frecciarossa(2019)
Trainz: Settle and Carlisle(2018)
Trainz: Rheingold 1962(2018)
Trainz: RZD-UZ-RIC Wagons(2018)
Trainz: TE3-2068 (Russian Loco)(2018)
Trainz: TE3-1072 (Russian Loco)(2018)
Trainz: TE7-083 (Russian Loco)(2018)
Trainz: PRR X23 Boxcar(2018)
Trainz: Tnfrhs Refrigerator Wagon(2018)
Trainz: CO17-4373 - Russian Loco and Tender(2017)
Trainz Route: Coal Country(2017)
Trainz: Quinnimont Coal Drag(2017)
Trainz: Victorian Railways Type 4 DD Class Pack(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Appen(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Brazemore Yard(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Japan - Model Trainz(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Franklin Avenue Industrial(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Bea-Dawe Model Railway(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route The Shorts and Kerl Traction Railroad(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Shortline Railroad(2017)
Trainz: BNSF GP38-2 Pumpkins (2 Pack)(2017)
Trainz: Shmmns Coil Transporter(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Canadian Rocky Mountains - Rogers Pass(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Legacy of the Burlington Northern II(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Andrushivka - Vinnitsa UZ(2017)
Trainz: Victorian Railways Type 2 DD Class Pack(2017)
Trainz: US ATC Class S 160 Steam Locomotives(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Fall Harvest Nebraska(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Chiyoda Branch Line(2017)
Trainz: Trainz Route Columbia River Basin(2016)
Trainz: ATSF GP38-2 Santa FE (2 Pack)(2016)
Trainz: Trainz Route Balezino Mosti(2016)
Trainz: Passenger DBuz 747(2016)
Trainz: Trainz Route - Niddertalbahn(2016)
Trainz: Laadgs Transporter(2016)
Trainz: Hccrrs Car Transporter(2016)
Trainz: AVMZ Intercity 71(2016)
Trainz: ITC GP7 Phase I & II (2 Pack)(2016)
Trainz: PRR GP9 (2 Pack)(2016)
Trainz: CN GP9 Phase I & II (2 Pack)(2016)
Trainz: GT GP9 2 Pack(2016)
Trainz: Settle and Carlisle(2016)
Trainz: The Flying Scotsman 1920s(2016)
Trainz: NS SD60E - 6920 Veterans Unit(2016)

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