Namco Bandai Partners Pty Ltd.

Historical Events

    May 06, 1992:

    • Company founded as Sega Ozisoft Pty. Ltd.

    Mar 31, 1998:

    • The name of Sega Ozisoft Pty. Ltd. is changed to Ozisoft Pty Limited.

    Dec 15, 1998:

    Apr 15, 2002:

    May 08, 2003:

    • As a result of Infogrames worldwide re-branding, the company name of Infogrames Australia Pty Ltd. is changed into Atari Australia Pty Ltd.

    Jul 07, 2009:

    • Atari Australia Pty Ltd. is acquired by Namco Bandai Partners and the name is changed into Namco Bandai Partners Pty Ltd.
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