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NBG EDV Handels- und Verlags GmbH


NBG EDV was founded in Rückersdorf (Germany) by Ingrid Herrmann and Detlef Erhardt in 1988.

In 1997, Activision acquired Take Us! Marketing & Consulting GmbH and NBG EDV. NBG EDV was set up as a Kommanditgesellschaft (KG) and Take Us!, under it's new name Activision Deutschland GmbH, became their complementary company.

While Activision Deutschland GmbH acted as publisher, NBG EDV is Activision's German distributor, responsible for Austria, Germany and Switzerland. But distribution was not limited to Activision games. They distribute games from many different publishers, for example the Microsoft gaming product catalog since 1999.

With the Activision Blizzard merger in 2008, Vivendi Universal Games Deutschland GmbH replaced Activision Deutschland GmbH under the new name Activision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH. With this step, they switched from distributor to publisher. As a result of this, the catalog of former Vivendi is now also distributed by NBG EDV.

As of 2009, NBG EDV exclusively distributes games and gaming related equipment from the following companies:

Also Known As

  • NBG EDV Handels- und Verlags GmbH & Co. KG (from 1988 to Apr 05, 2009)


Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps and Beans (90th Anniversary Edition)(2019)
Inner World: The Last Wind Monk, The(2017)
Trulon: The Shadow Engine(2016)
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic(2015)
Eufloria: Limited Edition(2014)
Gone Home(2014)
Anomaly: Ultimate Bundle Edition(2014)
Lilly Looking Through(2013)
Monaco: What's Yours is Mine(2013)
Fußballgott: Lords of Football(2013)
Inner World: Collector's Edition, The(2013)
Basement Collection, The(2013)
Dustforce (Collector's Edition)(2012)
TRAUMA (Special Edition)(2012)
Tropico Trilogy(2012)
Limbo (Special Edition)(2012)
Unstoppable Gorg(2012)
Bridge Constructor(2011)
Dawn of Fantasy(2011)
Grotesque Tactics II: Dungeons & Donuts(2011)
Ground Control Simulator(2011)
Tiny Token Empires(2011)
World of Subways 3: London Underground Simulator(2011)
PAM: Post Apocalyptic Mayhem(2011)
Rockin' Dead, The(2011)
Trapped Dead(2010)
Schrottplatz-Simulator 2011(2010)
Shattered Horizon: Premium Edition(2010)
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger(2010)
ProTrain 32: Stuttgart - Munich(2010)
Grotesque Tactics: Premium Edition(2010)
ProTrain 30: From the North Sea to the Baltic Sea: Hamburg - Schwerin - Warnemünde(2010)
ProTrain Perfect AddOn 13: Fulda - Würzburg(2010)
ProTrain 34: Fulda - Würzburg(2010)
ProTrain Perfect AddOn 9: Leipzig - Saalfeld(2010)
Crazy Quiz(2010)
ProTrain 33: Frankfurt (Oder) - Cottbus(2009)
ProTrain 12 Deluxe: Karlsruhe - Basel(2009)
Crash Time III(2009)
ProTrain 7 Deluxe: Frankfurt - Nürnberg(2009)
ProTrain 31: Marburg - Erndtebrück(2009)
City Bus Simulator 2010: New York(2009)
Twin Sector(2009)
Universal Boxing Manager(2009)
Die große Sim Box(2009)
Flug Simulator Box: Militärische Luftfahrt(2009)

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Contact information in 2007:

NBG EDV Handels- und Verlags GmbH & Co.KG
Brunnfeld 2 - 6
93133 Burglengenfeld
Tel. 09471-70170 Fax:09471-7017180

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