Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Historical Events


    • Fusajiro Yamauchi (Great-Grandfather of long standing Nintendo President, Hiroshi Yamauchi) distributes "Hanafuda", a Japanese playing card he created in 1889, in Japan.


    • Yamauchi Nintendo & Co. established.


    • Hiroshi Yamauchi becomes President, absorbing the manufacturing operation of Yamauchi Nintendo & Co., with distribution company Marufuku Co. Ltd. the primary company.


    • Marufuku Co. Ltd. changes its name to Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd.


    • Sold playing cards with Walt Disney characters on the face, opening a new market in children's playing cards


    • Changed name to Nintendo Co. Ltd, and began developing games as well as cards.


    • With the help of Mitsubishi Electric, Nintendo developed a video game system using electronic video recording (EVR) player.


    • Created and started selling coin-operated video games using microcomputers.


    • The GAME & WATCH series of video games were released. Also, Nintendo America was created in New York.


    • Nintendo introduced to the arcade world Donkey Kong, which soon become a worldwide hit.

    Jul, 1983:

    • Developed and released the home video games console "Family Computer" (aka the Famicom) to Japanese stores.



    • The Famicom was re-designed and released as the "Nintendo Entertainment System" in the US and Europe, along with Duck Hunt and the Super Mario Brothers.


    • The NES achieves the status of the No.1 selling toy in the US. The Legend of Zelda becomes the first NES title to sell more then 1 million units.


    • The Game Boy, one of the first portable gaming systems, is released in Japan and the US

    Nov 21, 1990:

    • The Super Famicom, a 16-bit update to the Famicom, is released in Japan.

    Aug, 1991:

    • The Super Famicom is released as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the US, along with Super Mario World.


    • The SNES is released in Europe.

    Aug 23, 1993:

    • Nintendo and Silicon Graphics announce an worldwide Joint Development and License Agreement for developing a truly three-dimensional, 64-bit Nintendo machine for home use. "Project Reality" will be unveiled in arcades in 1994, and will be available for home use (target price below $250) by late 1995.


    • Nintendo helps to develop and implement an industry-wide rating system for video games.


    • Nintendo releases two new hardware components: a 32-bit Virtual Reality machine, the Virtual Boy and the Ultra 64 hardware chip-set, for which two arcade titles, Killer Instinct and Cruis'n USA, use.
    • The company acquires 25% of Rareware.

    Jun 23, 1996:

    • The Ultra 64 hardware becomes the Nintendo 64 console system, and is released in Japan.

    Sep, 1996:

    • The Game Boy Pocket, a smaller version of the Game Boy, is released.

    Sep 29, 1996:

    • Nintendo 64 console is released in the United States at the MSRP of $199.95.

    Aug 01, 1997:

    • The Nintendo 64 is released in Europe.


    • The Game Boy Color, Camera and Printer are released, along with Pokemon (a conversion of the hit Japanese RPG, Pocket Monsters).


    • The Game Boy sells its one hundred millionth unit worldwide.


    • The Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Gamecube are released. Meanwhile Mario and Donkey Kong celebrate 20 years in the video games industry.

    Mar 21, 2001:

    • The next iteration of the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, is released in Japan

    Jun 11, 2001:

    • The GBA debuts in the US, selling 1 million units in six weeks.

    Sep 14, 2001:

    • The GameCube is released in Japan.

    Nov 18, 2001:

    • The GameCube is released in North America.


    May 03, 2002:

    • The GameCube is released in Europe with 20 launch titles.

    Jan 20, 2004:

    • Nintendo DS (Dual Screens) is announced.

    Nov 21, 2004:

    • Nintendo DS is released in USA.

    Dec 02, 2004:

    • Nintendo DS is released in Japan.

    Mar 11, 2005:

    • Nintendo DS is released in Europe.

    Nov 19, 2006:

    • The Wii is released in the United States.

    Dec 02, 2006:

    • The Wii is released in Japan.

    Dec 08, 2006:

    • The Wii is released in Europe.

    Apr 28, 2007:

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