Nintendo Co., Ltd.



  • The Game Awards
    • 2014 — Developer of the Year — Won

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Nintendo received the following Awards from the German online magazine 4Players:
  • Best Developer of 2005
  • Best Publisher of 2006
  • Best Developer of 2007
  • #3 Best Publisher of 2007
  • Best Publisher of 2013

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Company address (2007):

Nintendo Co., Ltd.
11-1 Kamitoba-hokotate-cho, Minami-ku
Kyoto 601-8501

Tel.: +81-75-6629600
Fax: +81-75-6629620

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In 1995, Nintendo changed the name for their 64-bit console from Ultra 64 to Nintendo 64, as Konami held the rights for that term and could easily produce games with "Ultra" in the title.

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Nintendo is easily the world's oldest game developer. It was originally founded in 1889 under the name Nintendo Koppai, and manufactured playing cards. Throughout its 116 year existence, the company has also been known as Yamauchi Nintendo, Nintendo Playing Cards, and Finally Nintendo Co. Ltd. In 1977 they began to take notice of the electronic game craze sweeping the world, and a year after released their first home videogame machine, a six game PONG clone creatively named The Color TV Game 6.

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Ever wonder why the company is named Nintendo? It's actually simple...

If you write the company's name out in kanji (a Japanese writing style that uses various picture-esque characters to represent words or objects), you would get three kanji: "nin", "ten", and "do". "Nin" means "to rise" or "acsend". "Ten" is the kanji for sky, but it can also represent heaven. And "do" is the kanji for temple. So if you transliterate the word "nintendo"...

You'd get "Acsend to heavenly temple". Quite fitting for a company who houses some of the finest game designers in existence, eh? ^_^

(An alternate interpretation is: nin - charge, responsibility, ten - Heaven, sky and do - temple, shrine or magnificent meaning leave luck to the heavens.)

As a final bit, here's how to properly pronounce the company's name (if you really want to speak Japanese; BTW don't put any accents on ANY syllables!): neen-ten-doh.

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Nintendo's Game Boy range of hardware, including the original Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance, is the greatest selling series in video gaming industry. More then 100 million units have been sold of all 4 systems.

Meanwhile, the fifth and long lost system in the Game Boy series, the Virtual Boy, is the least selling piece of hardware Nintendo has ever created.

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