Nintendo R&D3


Nintendo's Research and Development division 3 (R&D3) was formed in the 1980's. Genyo Takeda has always held the general manager position since the development team's founding.

This team is the smallest R&D team that Nintendo has. It usually makes whatever it can to help Nintendo along with its bigger projects, such as the battery backup for the NES, or making the Nintendo 64 controller.

They also made some games in its early stages, such as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, StarTropics, and many sports games Nintendo released. Most of R&D3's game were targeting the American market, and sold poorly or were excluded from release in Japan.

Sine they assisted with Pilotwings 64, they have not developed any games, but they have focused more on hardware. Nintendo has recently also moved all software designers/programmers to Nintendo's EAD

In 2000, they were renamed to Nintendo's Integrated Research & Development division (Nintendo IRD).

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