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NMK Co. Ltd.


Nippon Microcomputer Kaihatsu was formed in 1985 by former Universal head of development, Yukio Kotoyori, with much of the original staff recruited from the development team behind Tehkan's Bomb Jack. The company was incorporated in 1989 as NMK Co. Ltd.. NMK was mainly active in the coin-op field, where it produced a range of well-known titles. It rarely published its own games, though, instead relying on partners such as Jaleco, SNK and UPL for marketing and distribution. This, along with the fact that NMK produced very few titles for home platforms, contributes to its low level of recognition amongst gamers. In the 90s, when the arcade market was weakening, NMK turned to producing mechanical prize machines instead, before going bankrupt in 1999.

Also Known As

  • Nihon Micom Kaihatsu (from May, 1985 to 1989)


8-Bit Collection: Jaleco Vol. 1(2017)
Jaleco Collection Vol. 1(2003)
Rapid Hero(1994)
Zed Blade(1994)
Thunder Dragon 2(1993)
Rolan's Curse 2(1992)
Super Spacefortress Macross(1992)
Saboten Bombers(1992)
Bio-Ship Paladin(1991)
Hacha Mecha Fighter(1991)
Task Force Harrier EX(1991)
Thunder Dragon(1991)
Ninja Taro(1991)
Ninja Crusaders(1990)
Rolan's Curse(1990)
Fire Mustang(1990)
Arkista's Ring(1990)
Saint Dragon(1989)
Saiyūki World(1988)
Legend of Makai (1988)
Wizards & Warriors(1988)
P47 Thunderbolt(1988)
Psychic 5(1987)
Psycho Pigs UXB(1987)


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