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NuFX, Inc.


NuFX, Inc., a studio in Illinois, was formed in 1990 by Lou Haehn and Pat Quinn. It was acquired by Electronic Arts in February 2004 and later became part of EA Chicago.


Fight Night 2004(2004)
NBA Street Vol. 2(2003)
FIFA Soccer 2004(2003)
NCAA March Madness 2003(2002)
NBA Live 2003(2002)
NCAA March Madness 2002(2002)
NBA Live 2002(2001)
NBA Street(2001)
NBA Live 2001(2000)
NBA Live 2000(1999)
NBA Live 99(1998)
PGA Tour 98(1997)
Raiden II(1997)
Aaron vs. Ruth: Battle of the Big Bats(1997)
Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory(1996)
NBA Live 97(1996)
Samurai Shodown II(1996)
PGA Tour Golf 486(1995)
PGA Tour 96(1995)
MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head (1994)
Surf Ninjas(1993)
Super Baseball 2020(1993)
Crüe Ball(1992)
Steel Talons(1992)
Hard Drivin'(1991)


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