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Oxford Softworks


Oxford Softworks is a development and publishing software house based in Buckinghamshire, England. Since the very birth of the leisure software industry, the company has been developing and publishing top quality games. They are well known in their field for producing software which possesses state of the art graphics, and the very strongest Artificial Intelligence response engines.


Microsoft Classic Board Games(2000)
FX Chess(1999)
Go Professional II(1999)
Chess System Tal II(1999)
LEGO Chess(1998)
Chinese Strategy Games(1998)
Chess System Tal(1997)
Bridge Deluxe 2 with Omar Sharif(1996)
Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows(1995)
Complete Chess System II, The(1994)
Intelligent Strategy Games 10(1993)
Bridge Champion with Omar Sharif(1993)
Complete Chess System(1993)
Omar Sharif on Bridge(1992)
5 Intelligent Strategy Games(1991)
Backgammon Royale(1990)
Chess Simulator(1990)
Go Player(1990)
Chess Player 2150(1989)


Company location & contact information (2010):

Oxford Softworks Limited
6 Lombard Street
OX14 5BJ
United Kingdom
email: [email protected]
Websites: www.oxfordsoftworks.com - www.oxfordsoftworks.co.uk

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