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Oxygen Interactive Software Ltd.


Oxygen Interactive was established in 2001 by industry veteran Jim Scott, who previously founded Beyond Belief in 1990 and wrote many products for the Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad platforms.

Oxygen began as part of a group of companies which included a UK wholesaler, and initially released a number of PC titles including Earth 2150: Lost Souls from the award winning Earth 2150 series. In 2003 Oxygen released its first console title, Perfect Ace Tennis for PS2, to coincide with the Wimbledon Championships.

In late 2003 Kevin Hassall was appointed to the board to establish strong developer relationships and to oversee the company’s strategy, and in early 2004 the company was launched as a standalone company and appointed Matt Bass to the board as financial director.

Setting its strategy for the next five years, the company began to take shape when it signed two titles with developer Kuju in December 2004. Conspiracy Weapons of Mass Destruction (PS2, X Box, PC), Pilot Down (PS2, X Box, PC), and Perfect Ace 2: The Championship (PS2, PC) were all released in 2005.

In October 2007 the company expanded its operations with the establishment of Oxygen Games USA in North America. The company also had two publishing labels: Liquid Games and Oxygen. For a short time, there was also an internal development division called Oxygen Interactive Studios Ltd. It was established in January 2007 and was put up for sale in January 2009.

On 8th October 2009 the company announced to its shareholders that it had gone into administration. Former CEO Jim Scott quickly bought back the assets and IP of the publisher through a pre-pack deal and continued selling Oxygen Games titles, trading as OG International and taking along eleven members of the original staff.

That move did not only disturb the original company's creditors, who were left with the burden of the debt, but it also angered the Italian development studio Twelve Srl. Twelve had previously severed ties with Oxygen Games, claiming the publisher failed to pay out money it owned, and they contested that OG International owned the publishing and distribution rights to their title CID The Dummy.

Also Known As

  • Oxygen Interactive (from 2001 to 2004)


Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward(2009)
PDC World Championship Darts(2009)
CID the Dummy(2009)
My Secret Diary(2008)
My Make-Up(2008)
My Dress-Up(2008)
PDC World Championship Darts(2008)
Pirates: The Key of Dreams(2008)
Powershot Pinball Constructor(2008)
PDC World Championship Darts 2008(2008)
Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge(2007)
Cheggers Party Quiz(2007)
Chronos Twin(2007)
World Championship Poker 2 featuring Howard Lederer(2007)
Winter Sports(2007)
Quest for Aladdin's Treasure, The(2007)
King of Clubs(2007)
Hard Rock Casino(2007)
Robin Hood's Quest(2007)
Snow Queen Quest, The(2007)
PDC World Championship Darts(2006)
ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007(2006)
Dance Fest(2006)
Street Dance(2006)
Quest for Sleeping Beauty(2006)
Ultimate Trivia Quiz, The(2006)
Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines(2005)
GT Racers(2005)
Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction(2005)
Ultimate Music Quiz, The(2005)
Ultimate Sports Quiz, The(2005)
Perfect Ace 2: The Championships(2005)
Family Board Games(2005)
Formula Challenge(2005)
Euro Rally Champion(2004)
Junior Board Games(2004)
International Golf Pro(2004)
Midnight Nowhere(2004)
Spells of Gold(2004)
March! Offworld Recon(2004)
Echelon: Wind Warriors(2003)
Time of Defiance(2003)
C64 Classics(2003)
Darkened Skye(2003)
Perfect Ace: Pro Tournament Tennis(2003)
Paradise Cracked(2003)
Arcade Classics(2003)
Earth 2150: Lost Souls(2002)


Company location and contact information (2003):

19 Thrift Street
NN10 8AU
United Kingdom

T: 01933 391999
F: 01933 391998
E: [email protected]

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