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Polyphony Digital Inc.


Polys Entertainment began as an internal development studio of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Under that name, the team developed two Motor Toon Grand Prix racing games for the PlayStation.

In 1998, one year after the completion of their monumentally successful game Gran Turismo, it became an independent company and was renamed Polyphony Digital Inc.

The offices are located in Tokyo, led by Kazunori Yamauchi, the director of the Gran Turismo series.

Polyphony Digital Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated and part of the SCE Worldwide Studios group.


Gran Turismo 7(2022)
Gran Turismo: Sport Spec II(2019)
Gran Turismo: Sport(2017)
Gran Turismo 6(2013)
Gran Turismo 6 (Anniversary Edition)(2013)
Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition(2012)
Gran Turismo 5(2010)
Gran Turismo 5 (Signature Edition)(2010)
Gran Turismo 5 (Collector's Edition)(2010)
Gran Turismo(2009)
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue(2007)
Gran Turismo HD Concept(2006)
Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator(2006)
Gran Turismo 4(2004)
Gran Turismo 4: "Prologue"(2003)
Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva(2002)
Gran Turismo Concept: 2001 Tokyo(2002)
Gran Turismo 3: A-spec(2001)
Gran Turismo 2(1999)
Omega Boost(1999)
Global Force: New Battle Nation(1999)
Gran Turismo(1997)


Location in 2009:

Polyphony Digital Inc.
Tobu Toyosu Bldg 2F
1-10-19 Edagawa

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