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atari breakout

PomPom Software Ltd.


From the PomPom website: "Pompom is a small games development team, comprising of just 2 members. Miles Visman takes care of all coding, and I, Michael Michael, am the graphics & sound man.I wont go to much into our past, other than to say that we both have experience working in the video game industry, and after working together for about 5 years we both wanted out.So we both Jumped ship and formed PomPom.

We knew through experience that over ambition can be a killer when developing video games, with most titles trying to give the games player everything he/she could possible want. A huge environment, a plot and script to rival the movies, intelligence that's better than human, super realistic graphics and on top of that, at least 40 hours of diverse game play!!

Somewhere along the line, classic, hands-on video gaming got lost. Games like Irems classic R-Type, where the only instructions were to blast everything that moves and don't touch a damn thing! I took no more than 5-6 hours to beat these games, and once mastered, usually took no more than 30-40 minutes from beginning to end."


Jelly Pops(2011)
Alien Zombie Megadeath(2011)
Alien Zombie Death(2010)
Astro Tripper(2008)
Mutant Storm: Empire(2007)
Bliss Island(2006)
Mutant Storm: Reloaded(2005)
Mutant Storm(2002)
Space Tripper(2001)


The company website was formerly located at www.pompom.org.uk

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atari breakout

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