Psionic Systems


Originally, Psionic Systems was based over a wedding shop on the busy Manchester Road, Oldham. Most of the time developing there was plagued with external road work(s). Matt Squires (Amiga Power) saw the digging first hand when he came to preview Assassin for the magazine. After 3 years over the wedding shop, Psionic finally moved to a professional business centre in Chadderton, Oldham.

Contributed on Mar 12, 2006 by haydn dalton (141)

Dojo Dan, Psionic's first game release was originally called "Woolan Kid". The game's name was renamed because Europress thought it didn't sound as kiddy friendly as something like Dojo Dan. Some of Europress's other ideas were "Samurai Sam" and "Ninja Ned"....Dojo seemed the best of a bad bunch!

When working on Dojo Dan, we saw Team 17's "FULL CONTACT" and really liked the music on it. From there, we contacted Allistair Brimble and got him on board to do the music. While nearing the end of Dojo, we started producing ideas for our next game, something console-like, but on the Amiga. We had early concepts of a character with a boomerang weapon. With us now knowing Allistair, we managed to contact Martyn Brown (Team 17) about a new game concept we had: SCARAB ASSASSIN. After some graphical and name tweaks, it became ASSASSIN. The game was inspired by the arcade classic: STRIDER.

Contributed on Mar 10, 2006 by haydn dalton (141)