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This holding company was originally incorporated and registered in England and Wales on 30th April 1976 as Bristol Coin Equipment (Holdings) Limited as an arcade and snooker company. The name was changed to B.C.E. (Holdings) Limited on 7th July 1983. On 18th August 1986 the company re-registered as a public company and changed its name to B.C.E. Holdings plc on 15th September 1986.

B.C.E. Holdings plc became relevant to the games industry when it acquired development studios Rage Games Ltd. and Software Creations Ltd. in December 1994 to form BCE Multimedia, a strong force for the Nintendo 64 platform.

The company changed its name to Rage Software plc on 19th November 1996 and eventually to Rage plc on 7th December 2001.

In November 2001, the holding company was comprised of the following studios: The company also owned 20% in Denki Ltd.. Rage Multimedia Limited itself was an intermediate holding company that owned the following studios: Following the withdrawal of its manufacturing credit facility by its bankers, the entire company went into liquidation in January 2003. At that time, Rage plc employed approximately 160 people in locations around the United Kingdom (Liverpool, Newcastle, Bristol, and Warrington), the majority of whom were involved in games development.

Also Known As

  • Rage Software plc (from Nov 19, 1996 to Dec 07, 2001)
  • B.C.E. Holdings plc (from Sep 15, 1986 to Nov 19, 1996)




The registered address for Rage Software plc and all of its England subsidiaries in November 2001 was:

Martins Building
Water Street
Liverpool UK
L2 3SP

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