Raylight S.r.l.


Raylight S.r.l. is an Italian game development studio founded in April 2000 by Francesco Paduano, Massimiliano Di Monda and Fausto Cardone. It was officially established on 29th June 2000.

Raylight’s BlueRoses technology is the multiplatform framework on which our core team develops games. BlueRoses was the first true 3D engine on the GBA. Since then, BlueRoses has expanded beyond Game Boy Advance and is now being used to develop games on many platforms, including Sony Playstation4 and Vita, XboxOne, Nintendo 3DS, PC, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Raylight is an (officially licensed where required) developer for the Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and Android platforms.

Also Known As

  • Raylight Studios s.r.l. (from Apr, 2000 to present) -- Former company name, at least until 2005


Professional Construction: The Simulation(2018)
Vegas Party(2017)
Gem Smashers(2017)
My Zoo Vet Practice 3D(2015)
My Pet School 3D(2015)
Riding Star 3D(2014)
Outback Pet Rescue 3D(2014)
My Little Baby 3D(2013)
My Western Horse 3D(2013)
Deer Drive Legends(2012)
AXL: Full Boost(2012)
Deer Drive Legends(2012)
My Little Baby(2011)
Sniper Elite(2010)
Think: Sinnes Trainer (2009)
Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing(2007)
Big Mutha Truckers(2006)
R-Type III: The Third Lightning(2004)
Smashing Drive(2004)
Wing Commander: Prophecy(2003)
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe(2001)


Contact information (2005)

Registered Office
Raylight Studios s.r.l.
via Ennio Goduti, 41
82100 Benevento (BN)

Head Office
Raylight Studios s.r.l.
via Coroglio, 57
Città della Scienza
80124 Napoli (NA)

Phone numbers
Phone: +39-081-5707138
Fax: +39-081-5707138


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