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atari missile command

RCA Corporation


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RCA COSMAC VIP: Game Manual(1978)
LIFE on VIP(1978)
Grand Pack(1978)
Star Wars(1978)
Concentration Match(1978)
RCA COSMAC VIP: Instruction Manual for VP-111 (included games)(1978)
RCA Cosmac VIP CDP18S711 Instruction Manual (included games)(1978)
RCA Studio II (included games)(1977)
TV Arcade I: Space War(1977)
TV Arcade Series: Speedway / Tag(1977)
TV Arcade III: Tennis / Squash(1977)
TV Arcade II: Fun with Numbers(1977)
TV Arcade IV: Baseball(1977)
TV Casino I: Blackjack(1977)
TV School House I(1977)
TV School House II: Math Fun(1977)
TV Arcade Series: Gunfighter / Moonship Battle(1977)
VIP Sequence Shoot(1977)
VIP Lunar Lander(1977)
VIP Deflection(1977)
VIP Reversi(1977)
VIP Bowling(1977)
VIP Animal Race(1977)
VIP Most Dangerous Game(1977)
VIP Programmable Space Fighters(1977)
VIP Blockout(1977)
VIP Slide(1977)
VIP Sum Fun(1977)
Snake Race(1976)
Guess My Number Program(1976)
Chase II(1975)


A ton of games where developed in-house at RCA Corporation for prototypes of their COSMAC computer. Games for the System 00, FRED and FRED II prototypes include: Cell Matching Games, Deduce, Hexapawn, LIFE, Maze Tracing, Match Game, Minikrieg, Network Games, NIM Games, One Arm Bandit, Race Games, Sliding Block Puzzles, Space War, Spot Speedway State Change Games/Puzzles, Tic Tac Toe, Target Shoot and Twenty One. many of these games were programmed by Joseph Weisbecker. Very few of these games were ever released and most were used just as demos to sell the technology behind them.

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