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Red Orb Entertainment


Red Orb Entertainment was a game division of Brøderbund Software, Inc. established on 21st May 1997. The division was conceived by Ted Simon and lead by Vice President and General Manager Ken Goldstein. Red Orb (Broder when spelled backwards), was founded for regular games to distinguish them from its library of edutainment titles.

The Red Orb division included a complete development studio and publishing operations. In addition to publishing its own creations, the division published games from other developing companies.

When Brøderbund was acquired by The Learning Company on 31st August 1998, it became a publishing label for the Mindscape, Inc. division.


Company Information (ca. 1998):

Red Orb Entertainment
Unit A, Brenda Road
Hartlepool, Cleveland
TS25 1NN
UK Former Company Website: www.redorb.com

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