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Ronimo Games (short for Robot Ninja Monkeys) is a development company founded by the original creators of de Blob in October 2007. Previously they used the name Banana Games as a team name. The studio became a Nintendo licensed developer in spring 2008 and released its first game, Swords and Soldiers in May 2009.


Swords and Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon(2018)
Awesomenauts: Bozo Gunk(2018)
Awesomenauts: Snork Gunk(2018)
Awesomenauts: Renegade Command Announcer(2017)
Awesomenauts: Dark Masquerade Qi'Tara(2017)
Awesomenauts: Starter Pack(2017)
Awesomenauts: Qi'Tara(2017)
Awesomenauts: Soulhuntress Raelynn(2017)
Awesomenauts: The Ringmaster (2017)
Awesomenauts: Commander Rocket(2017)
Awesomenauts: Commander Cook-It(2017)
Awesomenauts: Smiles(2017)
Awesomenauts: Pyromancer Smiles(2017)
Awesomenauts: Bullbarian Deadlift(2017)
Awesomenauts: Kunoichi Dizzy(2017)
Awesomenauts: Dizzy(2017)
Awesomenauts: Falling Closet(2017)
Awesomenauts: SkĂžlldir(2017)
Awesomenauts: Skree(2017)
Awesomenauts: Nautilon Pod(2017)
Awesomenauts: Scoop of Justice(2017)
Awesomenauts: Sentry X-58(2017)
Awesomenauts: Mikolev's Spectre(2017)
Awesomenauts: Gorgos Embryo(2017)
Awesomenauts: Vinnie & Spike(2017)
Awesomenauts: Sheriff Lonestar(2017)
Awesomenauts: Nibbs(2017)
Awesomenauts: Hellion T-50(2017)
Awesomenauts: Ix the Interloper(2017)
Awesomenauts: Plague Needle(2017)
Awesomenauts: Professor Milton Yoolip(2017)
Awesomenauts: Blue Medusa(2017)
Awesomenauts: Leviathan(2017)
Awesomenauts: Deadlift(2017)
Awesomenauts: Raelynn(2017)
Awesomenauts: Clunk(2017)
Awesomenauts: Derpl Zork(2017)
Awesomenauts: Coco Nebulon(2017)
Awesomenauts: Penny Fox(2017)
Awesomenauts: Ted McPain(2017)
Awesomenauts: Gnaw(2017)
Awesomenauts: Genji the Pollen Prophet(2017)
Awesomenauts: Jimmy and the LUX5000(2017)
Awesomenauts: Max Focus(2017)
Awesomenauts: Leon Chameleon(2017)
Awesomenauts: Ksenia(2017)
Awesomenauts: Rocco(2017)
Awesomenauts: Admiral Swiggins(2017)
Awesomenauts: Voltar the Omniscient(2017)
Awesomenauts: Ayla(2017)

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Contact information (May 2009)

Ronimo Games
Vinkenburgstraat 19 bis
PO Box 81
3500 AB Utrecht
The Netherlands

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